Wired earbuds


Comfortable in-ear headphones with dynamic converters and silver-plated detachable cable. Converters with double magnets, cable with 2pin and Jack connectors 3.5 mm, range 10 - 20,000 Hz, impedance 17 ohms.

Precise sound

Precise sound

Light membrane

Light membrane

Energetic sound

Energetic sound

strongly connected to music

When it comes to reliable, high-quality audio transmission without any delay or background interference, you simply can't replace a traditional cable. That's why we have prepared our first "wire" novelty, bearing the distinctive name ALPHA. Through it, we return to the basics, which mainly counts the honest sound and universal comfort that everyone will enjoy.

Powerful drivers with double magnets

Good headphones mainly make a good driver. It measures 10 mm in the ALPHA model, works with strong double magnets and its lightweight membrane is made of bio-cellulose. Combining powerful magnets with a light and relatively large diaphragm, the headphones have been tuned to a pleasantly pleasing and juicy sound with a striking bass and finely sparkling details. The daily joy of listening is thus taken care of.


what do WE honestly think about ALPHA?

  • Fun and rather warm tuning, freq. slightly V-shaped response
  • Slightly enhanced, pleasantly full, deep and striking bass, at the same time decently tamed
  • Slightly in the shade of bass and treble, but tonally pleasant and only slightly slimmer
  • Heights brightening, vivid, sparkling, without excessive sharpness
  • Average large scene, but solid localization of tools within it
Spare parts


Have you lost one of the earphones? No problem. As a manufacturer, we have a stock of spare parts that you can buy at any time. And if something goes wrong, our experienced service technicians are here fou you.

cable made of silver-plated copper

cable made of silver-plated

High quality audio transmission and at the same time without delay or background interference, traditional cable simply does not replace.

Curved connector

No obstacles

Miniature curved connector that never obstructs

  • Powerful drivers with double magnets (diameter 10 mm) ​​​​

  • Large but still light bio-cellulose membrane ​​​​​​

  • Friendly and pleasing tuning with energetic bass and precise details

  • Precisely tuned sound without any interference or delay

  • Ergonomically shaped body for small and large ears

  • Easily replaceable silver-plated copper braided cable

  • Miniature curved connector that never obstructs

Technical specifications

BODY Material ABS plastic
drivers Dynamic, 10 mm, dual magnet
eartips material Silicone
shape of eartips in-ear (intraaural)
frequence response 10 - 20.000 Hz
sensitivity 109 dB/mW
Impedance 17 ohms
type of connection Detachable cable
cable parameters 125 cm, silver plated, braided
connector 3,5 mm angled
cable-headphone connection 2-pin
color black
EAN 8594193721597
accessories 3 different sizes of eartips (S / M / L)


  • Earbuds(pair)
  • Instruction manual
  • 3 different sizes of eartips (S / M / L)